Advance Concrete Form Inc.

No other system is faster than the Advance Forming System. Our lightweight construction, attached hardware, and simple-to-set forms cannot be beaten for speed and efficiency.
• Accuracy – Each form is equipped with sturdy steel backing bars that become continuous when latched. These provide superior strength and minimize deflection. The result is smooth, straight walls.
• Dependability – You can depend on hundreds of smooth walls because Advance forms are made with high-density (120/120) overlay plywood panels. This overlay adds to panel life, gives smooth results and minimizes absorption of oil and water to maintain a lightweight panel.
• Flexibility – Even complex jobs are easy because the flexibility of the Advance system allows you to handle forming basements, offsets, pilasters and most any other forming situation from 2 feet to 16 feet…all with standard panels and corners. 
• Quality – Every panel and component is constructed and assembled by experienced craftsmen. 



Complex jobs become simple when using the Advance Forming System. That is because every Advance panel is ready for immediate positioning into the excavation or onto the above grade site. Setting goes quickly because you can work from one or more corners or from any point in the wall, and the forms allow you to set both inside and outside walls at the same time. 

8′ 6 Bar Spacing & 8′ 4 Bar Spacing
All Advance forming systems come in widths of 24″ to 4″ with all hardware attached.  Form heights range from 2′ to 10′.  All Advance forms are produced with 120/120 High Density Overlay (HDO) plywood that meets APA Standards of PS-1

8’6″ 6 Bar Spacing
The 8’6″ 6 bar forming system is designed for residential and light commercial work.  Every form in the 8’6″ 6 bar forming system is designed with 17″ on center bar spacing.  The 8’6″ 6 bar system, because of its bar spacing, allows stacking of forms to create acceptable form heights above 8′.
Forms in the 8’6″ 6 Bar Forming System (17″ on center) include: 7’1″ 5 Bar, 5’8″ 4 Bar, 4’3″ 3 Bar, 
2’10” 2 Bar


4″ x 4″ Inside Corner
4″ x 4″ is the standard inside corner for the Advance Concrete forming system.  The corner locks the inside abutting panels in place at 90 degree angle.
4″ x 6″ Inside Corner
The 4″ x 6″ corner is used when the ongoing wall thickness changes 2″ at T wall.
2″ Offset Corner
The 2″ offset corner is used on a continuous wall when the wall thickness changes by 2″.
4″ x 4″ 135* Fixed Inside Corner
This fixed inside corner locks the inside panels in place to achieve a 135 degree angle for bay windows regardless of the thickness of the wall.
4″ x 4″ Hinged Inside Corner
The 4″ x 4″ hinged corner is used for a variety of varying degree angles for the inside of the wall.
2″ x 2″ Outside Corner
This corner adds 2″ in each direction enabling you to switch from an 8″ to a 10″ wall and utilize existing fillers.
7″ x 7″ 135* Outside Corner
This corner locks the outside panels in place to achieve a 135 degree angle for bay windows for an 8″ wall. The dimension varies for other wall thicknesses.
1″ x 1″ Outside Corner
The 1″ x 1″ is the standard outside corner for the Advance system.  The corner security locks the outside abutting panels in place at a 90 degree angle.

Stakeless Footing System

Benefits of Advance Stakeless Footing System:

  • No longer driving or pulling stakes
  • Reducing excavation concerns and concrete waste
  • Owning a long lasting form product
  • Various sizes footing widths not an issue

In addition to all of these items our system offers you the ability to work in various soil conditions including sandy, clay, shale or rock. No extra drilling or wiring required, simply place the adjustable bracket. The bracket also minimizes damage to your forms since you nail into the face and not the
end. There is less cutting of your form product because you can run them wild. Our unique splice bracket allows you to avoid overlap satisfying code variations. Finally you no longer have to support the footer forms with a rusty, twisted mess of wire that gets in the way when finishing. Our bracket
allows for unobstructed screeding and troweling.


Regular Ties
Advance ties are available in 1″ increments, from 4″ through 144″ walls. All are designed for easy break-offs to speed up stripping.
X Ties
Advance X ties are manufactured the same as the regular tie with the exception of additional bends in the tie that helps prevent the tie from twisting during break off, thus reducing water seepage.
Cone Tie
The Advance cone tie is 3000lb tie with a maximum working load of 4500lbs. This tie features a 1-1/2″ break back with a cone. The cone tie is designed for commercial applications requiring a thermally broken wall. 
Cone Tie with Water Seal
The cone tie can be purchased with a neoprene rubber washer for waterseal purposes. 


  • Straightening Devices 
  • Stacking Devices
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Levers
  • Clips
  • Break-off Tools
  • Walers
  • Sprayer
  • Beam Pocket
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Panel Cages
Filler Cages
Corner Cages & Accessories
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