Pecora Corporation

As an industry leader in product development and product enhancement, Pecora is committed to offering a full range of adhesive, sealant and weatherproofing solutions. Our focus is directed toward the continuous innovation of value added products, superior quality and exceptional service.

Since its founding in 1862 as a Philadelphia-based paint and varnish company, Pecora has developed and manufactured trusted solutions to meet every customer’s needs. Over the years, the company used its innovative technological development capabilities to grow its product line and quickly emerged as a premier manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing products.


Pecora Sealants

Pecora products protect and enhance every aspect of your new construction or restoration project – from weatherproofing the exterior to providing interior sealants that include acoustical, fire-rated and anti-microbial options.
Pecora’s goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions, not just products. Solutions include Pecora’s industry leading non-staining line of silicone and hybrid sealants, unprecedented jobsite flexibility with our field tintable products, high-performance glass and glazing sealants for structural and non-structural applications, and building safety and protection with our security sealants.

Weatherproofing Sealants

Pecora’ s high quality, non-staining silicones can be quickly and easily tinted at the job site, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in design, application, and inventory management. That non-staining technology can also be found in our single component hybrid STPU (silylterminated polyurethane) moisture cure
non-yellowing sealant. Or use our multi-component and one-part urethane sealants. Our silicone, hybrids and urethanes are offered in a range of standard colors.

Glazing Sealants

Pecora offers a complete line of high performance products for demanding structural and non-structural glazing that are suitable for factory or field applications. Pecora’ s glazing solutions include products with high green strength, long lasting bonds to a variety of substrates, and Pecora’ s industry leading non-staining technology (NST).

Traffic Sealants

Pecora offers a combination of both self-leveling and slope-grading based sealant products that help ensure proper sealing of traffic-bearing control joints, expansion joints in concrete, metal or asphalt, and other areas
subject to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Acoustic Sealants

Pecora Acoustical Sealants control sound transmission when used in attenuated partition assemblies and ensure specified STC values by sealing annular spaces and joints around partition edges.

Security Sealants

Pecora’ s highly-specified Security Sealants offer tamper proof and tamper resistant products in varying degrees of shore hardness. These sealants prevent idle tampering and vandalism for high security areas such as prisons, daycares, hospitals, courthouses, etc.

Fire Rated Sealants

Pecora UL® Classified fire-rated sealants create
firestopping systems for expansion joints and through penetrations that when properly installed, effectively contain fire, smoke, toxic fumes, and water for a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-hour period depending on the design specifications.

Latex Construction Sealants

Pecora’s acrylic latex construction sealants provide you with a clean, environmentally friendly and paintable sealant solution for general purpose interior and exterior architectural applications where slight to moderate movement is anticipated. Featuring Pecora’s AC20+ Silicone, an industry leading latex sealant.

Urethane Construction Sealants

Ensure durability, adhesion, and abrasion resistance with Pecora’s urethane construction sealants and coatings. Whether your project requirements include traffic coatings, high performance security sealants or general construction sealants, we have a product to meet your project needs. Paintability, high tear resistance, low shrinkage and the flexibility to tint in the field using our Universal Color Packs, are just some of the benefits provided by Pecora’s urethane products.

Hybrid Construction Sealants

Combine the best properties of silicone and urethane sealants in one package. By fusing silicone and urethane sealant chemistries, the strengths of each provide unique solutions and improved application. Hybrid sealants are inherently low in VOC and odor. This results in a user-friendly, high-performance product.
Hybrid sealants offer several other important advantages – color stability, paintability, reduced shrinkage, moisture tolerance, minimal dirt pick-up, and exceptional adhesion to most construction materials.

Butyl Construction Sealants

Butyl Construction Sealants achieve durable, long-lasting seals between all types of masonry, steel, glass and other common construction materials with Pecora’s line of one-part butyl rubber sealants.

Polysulfide Sealants

Polysulfide sealants are designed for joints that need to withstand prolonged immersion in liquids. Typical applications include swimming pools, fountains, cooling towers, fuel and chemical storage tanks, wastewater treatment and petrochemical plants.

Sealants Primers

Enhance and strengthen sealant adhesion to porous and nonporous substrates, and help ensure proper joint preparation, by selecting from Pecora’s line of Sealant Primers. You’ll get the adhesion you require, helping you maximize efficiency and productivity.

Pecora Air, Vapor, and Water Resistive Barrier System

Pecora’s Air, Vapor, and Water Resistive Barrier System consists of fully engineered and compatible products that work together to provide complete air, vapor, and weather barrier protection for your building envelope. Our products can be used together as a system or independently as needed.
Advantages of Pecora XL-Perm ULTRAVP Fluid Applied STPU

  • Applied in a single coat via airless sprayer or roller
  • Provides 2-3 times the coverage of other fluid applied products
  • Excellent elasticity and crack bridging capabilities contributing to a seamless, durable, and airtight building envelope
  • Can also be used on damp substrates and green concrete

Traffic Coating System

Pecora offers superior quality vehicular, pedestrian and decorative traffic coating systems. Pecora’s full line of traffic coatings protect wearing surfaces like concrete or plywood from vehicular and pedestrian traffic abrasion, and in the case of concrete, protection from freeze-thaw damage and chloride induced corrosion with its destructive force on reinforcing steel. Where decks are elevated, these coatings provide excellent waterproofing for the occupied space below.
Help protect your investment from the effects of de-icing salts, airborne chlorides, and freeze-thaw conditions with Pecora’ s high performance system of traffic coatings and sealants: including Pecora-Deck’s one-part or two-part low VOC, low odor deck series. Each Pecora-Deck system offers unparalleled flexibility of virtually any color in the field through our use of our field tintable top coat.

Elastomeric Wall Coatings

Prevent water damage to concrete, masonry, stucco, and EIFS structures with Pecora’s WeatherClad elastomeric wall coating. Unlike house paints, elastomeric wall coatings waterproof structures by producing a flexible layer, much thicker than paint, to seal and bridge hairline cracks. Pecora’s WeatherClad offers superior elasticity, sealing and adhesion characteristics to ensure excellent long-term protection to surfaces subject to thermal movement.

Concrete Repair Products

Achieve quick installation and long-term durability for a variety of concrete structures with Pecora concrete repair products. Pecora’s concrete repair products and expertise help extend the life of bridges, parking decks and structures.
Concrete repair and restoration products provide:

  • High strength – exceeds ACI building code requirements
  • Quick return to service – reduced customer inconvenience
  • Consistent performance – get it right the first time, every time
  • Structural integrity – load bearing
  • Permanence – long term durability, no call backs

Water Repellents

Provide reliable protection from water and atmospheric moisture for a wide range of masonry surfaces, including highly alkaline mortars and cement rich materials, with Pecora’s 100% Silane and Water-Based Penetrating sealers and water repellents.

These high-quality water repellents create a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the intrusion of water and water-borne salts into the structure. This greatly reduces damaging moisture penetrations into masonry and concrete, helping to avoid salt leaching, freeze-thaw cracking and corrosion of reinforcing bars

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