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TrueFoam Limited has been producing quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation since 1968. TrueFoam manufactures a complete range of cost-effective insulation solutions designed to provide the utmost comfort and maximum energy savings. The contractors and building supply dealers of Atlantic Canada have relied on TrueFoam’s innovative insulation products for over 50 years.  We take pride in our expertise and the level of support we provide.


Reward Wall

TrueFoam’s Reward Wall is an innovative concrete form system that replaces traditional wooden forms with superior insulation, soundproofing and environmental characteristics.

TrueFoam’s Reward Wall ICFs create buildings that are energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. Our goal is to give you a building envelope that gives superior results when compared to conventional building methods. You will have an envelope that resists harmful mould, dust and allergens, along with powerful wind, storm and fire damage.

The thick concrete core of insulated concrete forms keep air where it should be, meaning interior temperatures stay steady throughout the year, reducing heating and cooling costs.  By keeping air and moisture out, insulated concrete forms lower the potential for allergens and mould, meaning that buildings are safer and healthier to live, work and play in. Standing up to winds of up to 200mph and fire for up to 4 hours, ICFs provide peace of mind for those inside.

Benefits of the Reward Wall System:
Quick Installation: The beveled interior edges make it easy to assemble and the open 1” tooth design reduces dirt, debris and ice.
Less Waste: There’s no top, bottom, right side or wrong side – even the cut pieces can be reused.
Impressive Strength: Trust the 6” horizontal center ties and 8” vertical center ties to hold up during any concrete pour.
Minimal Bracing: You’ll get a straighter, truer structure with minimal bracing – even around doors, windows and corners.
Flexible Rebar Positioning: Choose between inside, middle and outside rebar positioning, plus stagger or alternate rebar positioning on different courses.
Snap & Go Convenience: Don’t worry about improperly bent or crooked rebar. The snap-in design allows you to overlap ends or two pieces of horizontal rebar at once.
Quick-Flowing Concrete: Eliminate deflection between ties and the block and reduce damming with the open tie design.
Finish the Job Faster: It’s easy to create channels for wiring and plumbing with a router or hot knife and iForms accept any interior and exterior finishes without extra prep.



InsulWall is a patented Canadian building technology developed by Truefoam. It combines insulation and framing in a unique system that combines conventional wood framing with highly efficient rigid insulation and also eliminates the need for exterior sheathing. It offers outstanding energy conserving properties, and saves trees by using structural wood very efficiently.

The core of the system is Truefoam expanded polystyrene (EPS), an exceptionally versatile insulating material. Used in construction since 1951, EPS is well known for its durability, thermal stability, and safety. Since EPS is breathable, it allows water vapour to pass through, eliminating condensation and the related threats of rot, mould and mildew. However, because Truefoam EPS is composed of a solid structure of closed cells, it does not permit the kind of air movement that causes convection heat losses so typical of homes built using fibrous insulations.

InsulWall takes maximum advantage of the structural integrity and insulating ability of EPS. Standard wood framing members, contained in slots within the EPS panels, are separated from the exterior surface of the wall. This prevents thermal bridging, where heat escapes through framing – often a major cause of heat loss in traditional construction. Exterior finish siding is attached to 1″ x 3″ strapping incorporated in the outer face of the InsulWall panel.

InsulWall isn’t just about walls, either. The system includes high R-value ceiling components as well. InsulWall meets and surpasses all national building code requirements, and is used as an approved and accepted method under the R-2000 program.

TrueFoam 300

TrueFoam 300 is a type 3 product manufactured for applications that require a high R-Value and exceptional moisture resistance.

Benefits of TrueFoam 300:
• It won’t support mold or mildew growth.
• It combines an R-value of 4.26 per inch (RSI of 0.75 per 25mm) with high moisture resistance and Type 4 compressive strength.
• It excels in a wide range of insulation applications, such as cavity walls, frame walls, underslab and masonry wall interiors and exteriors.
• It does not contain HFCs, CFCs or HCFCs and it’s 100% recyclable.
• It’s extremely versatile and easily adapts to building code changes.
• It’s comparable to STYROSPANTM Extruded Polystyrene, Truefoam 300 a is consistently ranked as the most cost-effective option on the market.


Foundation Plus/Sheathing

Foundation Plus/Sheathing is a dual purpose product that serves both as an insulation and exterior sheathing material.  It’s made from high-density TrueFoam Type 2 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and its breathability eliminates the potential for trapped moisture, condensation and dry rot. Its incredible strength, durability and moisture resistance makes it an excellent choice for under concrete slabs or on exterior foundation walls, and it’s easy to install without any special tools or techniques.



TrueFoam Parge-Plus is a pre-mixed blend of sand, cement, chemical admixtures, polypropylene fibre and acrylic cement modifier. The acrylic modifiers in TrueFoam Parge-Plus makes it very well suited for the thin coatings that are typical of parging applications.  Parge-Plus is recommended for parging over rigid foam insulation. It may also be used directly on concrete and wood foundations.


Truefoil is designed for installation under siding to provide a thermal break.  Truefoil is a Type 2 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) rigid insulation manufactured to CAN/ULC-S701 standard.  Truefoil is R4 per inch and a minimum compressive strength of 16psi.  Designed for installation under siding to provide a thermal break.

Stock sizes are 1″ and 1 1/2″ x 4′ x 8′ sheets, custom sizes up to 4″ thick are available.

Truefoil is laminated with perforated foil on both sides.  Install with taped seams to provide an air barrier.


Truefold is designed for installation under siding to provide a thermal break and levelling surface for siding. Truefold is a Type 1 Expanded Polystyrene ( EPS ) rigid insulation manufactured to CAN/ULC-S701 Standard.  Truefold is R3.8 per inch with a minimum compressive strength of 10psi.

Truefold is laminated with a perforated foil on one side and a perforated clear film  on the other side.  Install with taped seams to provide an air barrier.


TrueWall insulation is ready for immediate application of interior wall, floor, or ceiling finish material.  Like all TrueFoam EPS products, TrueWall is certified to meet industry quality standards. It is highly resistant to condensation and mildew, incapable of sagging or slumping once installed and environmentally friendly.

The outer face of each TrueWall panel is grooved to accept 1″ x 3″ wood strapping. This eliminates any requirement for studding. Since the strapping does not directly contact the basement wall, thermal bridging is avoided. The strapping serves to fasten the TrueWall sheets to the basement wall and provides a frame for attaching finish paneling or wallboard.  TrueWall can also be used to insulate concrete basement floors. Installed over a polyethylene moisture stop, the TrueWall system provides a convenient surface for attaching plywood flooring.


InsulWorks is the only insulation system designed for hydronic in-floor heating. In preventing the ground from becoming a linked “thermal bridge” to the slab, InsulWorks permits fast and accurate room temperature response to temperature controllers. The use of InsulWorks may also reduce the size and cost of system hardware.

Using InsulWorks will reduce project costs and speed up installation because it replaces the usual method of positioning a tube by tying it to wire mesh. The tube is simply “stepped” into the InsulWorks panels, saving a great deal of labour. The cost to purchase and install wire mesh may also be eliminated.

InsulWorks can be used under slab-on-grade, in a sandwich slab application, in snow melt systems and other applications under concrete where radiant panel heating is required. InsulWorks has been designed to support the weight of cast-in-place concrete, construction activity, working loads, machinery and heavy vehicle loading where the concrete slab has been designed for such purposes.


Benefits of Geofoam Fill:

Lightweight Fill
Plastic geofoams have a density that is only one percent to two percent of the density of the soil, yet can be designed to be sufficiently strong enough to support road, rail and aircraft loading. Geofoam can be used as a lightweight fill over soft ground in embankment construction – a technique that does not require pre-loading and soil removal.

Thermal Insulation
Geofoams are very efficient thermal insulators. Considerable savings can be realized when Geofoam is used in pavement applications where frost-heave conditions are present. Geofoam can also be used for frost-protected shallow foundation without the need for a basement or crawl space to meet the frost-depth requirement.

Compressable Inclusion Plastic
Geofoam can be designed to compress readily to cushion the shock of earthquakes, reduce stress from expansive soils and fulfill a variety of similar roles.

Geofoams can be manufactured to have an inherent ability to drain ground water and ground-borne gases such as radon or methane.

Noise and Small-Amplitude Vibration Damping
Geofoam can dampen ground-borne vibrations from motor vehicles and trains.

Geofoam can be used as concrete foam-work and facing panels for mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSEW).



TrueFloat can provide you with high quality flotations for:

Variety of sizes: Standard TrueFloat blocks are 2’x 4’x 8’ but custom
sizes are available upon request.
Strength and durability: TrueFloat will last for many years if protected
with dock framing and removed from the water annually to allow drying.
Numerous uses: Homeowners love that TrueFloat can be made
into flotation blocks for docks, wharves and more.
Design recommendation: When installing TrueFloat, maintain space
between the blocks for water displacement to ensure a stable dock.
Ideal for use within: lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans.

FASTSLAB™ Insulation System

(Canadian Patent Pending)

FastSlab is a complete insulated slab solution.  Originally designed for passive home construction where a high energy efficiency is important.  Designed specifically for our climate, the system is faster to install and costs less than a frost wall/slab foundation.  Your entire concrete slab is poured in a foam surround with no thermal bridging from concrete to the ground, traditional wood forms and stakes are not necessary.  Available in several R values, R10, R20, R40 are all achievable.

FastSlab installs on a flat compacted gravel surface, no deep excavations required.  FastSlab uses 8′ components and is site assembled using a foam adhesive.  This system requires only one concrete pour and can be assembled and poured in 1-2 days.

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