FORTA Corporation

Stronger Lasting™

FORTA Corporation continues to be the most recognized and respected name in the synthetic reinforcement fiber industry. Since 1978, we have researched, manufactured, and distributed fibers tailored to specific applications and the demands of an ever-expanding construction community.  Our FORTA® team is seasoned, knowledgeable, innovative, and has a wealth of industry expertise. Our mission is to build a Stronger Lasting™ future for the concrete, asphalt, and construction industries as a whole.

Trusted People. Proven Performance.™

FORTA® Concrete Fiber

FORTA® Concrete Fiber Division supplies the highest quality synthetic reinforcement fibers and services to the global concrete industry.

FORTA’s synthetic fiber reinforcement aims to reduce project costs by shortening the construction time while also extending the life of your concrete application. Projects that utilize FORTA’s synthetic fibers can see:

  • Improved Quality
  • Reduction in Construction Time
  • Long-Term Cost Savings
  • Reduced Joints

How can FORTA work for contractors?  

  • Macrosynthetic fiber is easy to use
  • Easy to place
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Improves Safety
  • Non-corrosive

Macro Synthetic


Known as our most popular fiber on the market, FORTA-FERRO® is used to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, improve impact strength, and increase fatigue resistance and concrete toughness. This extra heavy-duty fiber also offers maximum long-term durability, structural enhancements, and effective secondary temperature crack control by incorporating a truly unique synergistic fiber system of long length design.

FORTA-FERRO® is an easy-to-finish, color blended fiber, made of 100% virgin copolymer/polypropylene consisting of a twisted bundle non-fibrillating monofilament and a fibrillating network fiber, yielding a high-performance concrete reinforcement system.  FORTA-FERRO is non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and 100% Alkali proof!




FORTA-GREEN® is a unique blend of recycled polypropylene and co-polymer macro fibers designed specifically for pervious concrete applications. FORTA-GREEN blend consists of 100% recycled polypropylene fibrillated (network) fibers and a high-performance twisted-bundle macro-monofilament fiber, designed to mix, distribute, and finish well.

FERRO-GREEN is used to toughen any pervious concrete application, such as driveways, curbs and sidewalks, and commercial parking lots and pavements. The three-dimensionally distributed non-corrosive macro fiber blend is one of the few methods available to add true toughness reinforcement to pervious cross-sections, without reducing porosity.  FERRO-GREEN also increases resistance to freeze-thaw damage and raveling, while preserving both the plastic and hardened concrete void structure.



Micro Fibrillated    –    Micro Monofilament    –    Specialty Fibers

FORTA® Asphalt Fibers

Fewer Cracks.  Fewer Potholes.  More Peace Of Mind.

FORTA-FI® high-tensile strength fiber for asphalt pavement helps roadways, airfields, parking lots, driveways and bicycle/walking trails perform better and last longer than traditional asphalt placements. Millions of FORTA-FI fibers distributed throughout the asphalt paving material increases the strength and durability of the mat while helping it resist premature cracking and rutting.  The mix of aramid and polyolefin fibers is designed to enhance your current mix design. Aramid fibers will not melt in the asphalt mix and are known for their strength and durability in both high and low temperatures.  FORTA-FI is designed for hot mix, warm mis, and hot/cold patch asphalt.

FORTA-FI can provide initial cost savings through reduced pavement layer thickness while delivering the same durability as conventional mixes OR the ability to reduce the overall life-cycle costs by extending pavement life (when placed at a conventional pavement thickness).


FORTAfied Asphalt:  As a truck stops, the aramid fibers spread the force throughout the treated layer, reducing stress and fatigue where the tires meet the road.

Non-FORTAfied Asphalt:  As a truck stops, the force drives down into the asphalt and supporting layers, causing stress and fatigue where the tires meet the road.

FORTA-FI mixes thoroughly in seconds!

FORTA-FI is easy to specify

  • A specially-formulated blend that can be used at all working temperatures
  • No changes to mix design needed
  • Engineered to reinforce your specific asphalt mixture

FORTA-FI is easy to produce

  • Add one bag per ton of asphalt
  • Mix in batch and drum plants at all production speeds
  • Mixes thoroughly in seconds
  • Distributes throughout asphalt uniformly and completely

FORTA-FI is easy to justify

  • Easy to specify, produce, and construct, and uses up to 35% less asphalt thickness or lasts 50% longer than your traditional mixture


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